Questions? We've got you covered.

User Interface

If your participants are using their computers, we recommend using a modern web browser like Chrome or Firefox. Safari for the mac will also do. We do not support Microsoft Internet Explorer or Edge.
Yes, but for a better experience we recommend using our iOS and Android apps.
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  • and we're adding more all the time

Activity and Question Types

An activity is a group of tasks or questions you can have your respondents complete. Questions are typically related to a common topic. An activity can be completed once or as many times as needed by setting it in diary or journal mode.
Questions or tasks are data collectors.

Standard questions include:Text boxes (for short answers), Number entries, date fields, text areas for long answers, drop down lists, radio buttons and check boxes.

Advanced questions include:Image or video media uploads, collage tool and image markup tool.
Almost all. The advanced markup and collage tools need a bit more real estate on the screen so we have limited them to the computer only. It's a better experience.
You can have only one advanced question per activity. This just makes the activity easier and more convenient for respondents to complete.
Yes. Activities can be setup in single response and diary/journal mode. If the activity is setup as a diary/journal, respondents can add as many enteries as they want.
An activity with a video response can accept one video per entry. You can set the video length to 60, 90 or 120 seconds.
If you have opted to add on the machine transcription, do no more. Once a respondent has uploaded a video it will automatically be sent off for transcription and it will show up in about 10 minutes after the video is saved.
Respondents can upload up to 10 photos as part of an image response.