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Two Companies Join Forces

Two Companies Join Forces

FUEL and HatchTank are all about making qualitative research easier not only for teams, but the industry as a whole. For years our industry has managed participant tasks on paper. It has been a daunting strain for project management teams and clients. Not to mention, the deliverables of working this way are less than ideal.

Our idea was to make a self-serve digital management tool for participant tasks at a reasonable price and gives a deliverable that is the equivalent [if not better] to what traditional methods of tasking would provide.

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Tiffany Hays

A word from Tiffany Hays

"With so much focus on participant engagement and treatment these days, this technology and way of managing tasks is hands down best for the participant, and a great result for clients alike. Time is money, and FuelTank will help management teams save time managing tasks, while giving clients a much better deliverable. ”